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I'm An American

We had the opportunity to sit down with Brigadier General (retired) Dr. Jim Chow and listen to his life experiences of being a child to two Chinese physicians, becoming an immigrant in the United States, and how his own medical and military career influenced his passion for providing healthcare services and programs desperately needed by S.C. National Guard members and their families.

During his military career, General Chow is recognized for organizing multiple humanitarian civil-military relief missions to developing countries. General Chow was also instrumental in establishing the National Strategic Pharmaceutical Stockpile program at McEntire Joint National Guard Base, which was subsequently used as a template for other Guard bases nationwide. One of the programs General Chow holds dear to his heart and helped organize and lead was the Senior Visiting Physician and Surgeon Program consisting of civilian critical specialists treating wounded warriors at downrange medical facilities.


His career, recognitions, awards and decorations, achievements, and promotions are a testimony to following his parents' advice, "Go to America. Become an American. Work hard."


Many got to know Jim Chow while serving in the South Carolina National Guard during his thirty-year career. Others know him as their physician and caregiver at Columbia Skin Clinic. While most everyone comes away knowing him as a friend who is passionate about being an American, serving this country, and providing the best services and programs for S.C. National Guard members and their families.


Please take twenty minutes of your time and listen to Dr. Chow tell us what it means to be an American from an immigrant's point of view.

The battalion of SC Air National Guard soldiers at attention.


The South Carolina Military Department has been extremely visionary creating significant programs to support the well-being of the South Carolina National Guard community. Many Support programs are not federally funded and have been funded either in part or wholly by private donations. To continue these critical efforts, the South Carolina National Guard Foundation (SCNGF) helps by raising funds to support these programs for South Carolina National Guard Service Members, Veterans and their Families that would not be available otherwise.



The South Carolina National Guard Foundation (SCNGF) is a 501 (c) 3 organization whose mission is to support, promote and defend the South Carolina National Guard and the ideals of service and sacrifice exemplified by its members and their families.

The SCNGF serves all members of the South Carolina Army and Air National Guard, Veterans and their Families. There are approximately 10,000 Service Members in the South Carolina National Guard. By providing the assistance they need, our South Carolina National Guard can remain focused on serving the citizens of our great state of South Carolina and around the world.

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