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Post Deployment & Compass Are Critical Programs for SC Guard Members.

Ever notice a time when your heart just seemed to pump a little more rapidly or stronger? Maybe you just cannot connect with others anymore? Unable to concentrate and focus on tasks or responsibilities anymore? Feel stuck, numb, or exhausted? There may be many reasons a person might experience the above. Still, for Soldiers who have sacrificed in service, having experienced deployments’ hardships, these sorts of experiences can creep into their way of life without their awareness. Post Deployment and Compass events are two programs designed to assist our soldiers and airmen that have encountered traumatic stress.

The Post Deployment and COMPASS events are evidence-based programs designed to help individuals affected by trauma turn their weaknesses into strengths. This is done using a 4-phase model, which begins with Education/Information about trauma and its physiological impact on the body and mind. The participants are offered an opportunity to put into words and give voice to their experiences which have profoundly impacted them; we call this phase Ventilation. It’s not enough to know and vent, so we offer on-site support to our attendees through peers who have “been there and done that.” These peer help participants process the trauma.

Some of the feedback included, “Initially, I was here to support the Soldiers and not to actively engage in the program. After learning and hearing other situations, I realized I had some underlined problems as well. Within this seminar, I was able to address them and determine ways to ground myself. I stand 100% behind this program and will make every effort to inform others.” When asked “What Changed?” one participant wrote, “My sense of hope, that I can and will get better…that I am not broken, I’m hurting, and that’s okay. I have control over my life and my feelings….I know it’s going to be hard and tough(at) times, but I know I have support and people behind me, that I am not alone and never will be.”

These training events are conducted by South Carolina Chaplains, Behavioral Health (licensed) Clinicians, trained peers, and our host partner South Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance Program (SC LEAP). Thanks to our sponsors, Post Deployment Seminar and COMPASS bring hope to the soldier and helps restore families.

Contact the Service Members & Family Care for more information about these programs and more. 803.299.2487

To become a SCNGF corporate and individual sponsor, contact Dianne Rogers.


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