The South Carolina National Guard is comprised of over 10,000 service members and includes both Air and Army National Guard Members. 


The National Guard is the oldest United States military organization and was established in 1670 in Charles Town, South Carolina. The Guard is a community-based military organization with a dual role: to serve abroad in support of national defense in partnership with active duty and Reserve units; and to serve the Governor and citizens of South Carolina. The Guard is led by Major General Robert E. Livingston, Jr, The Adjutant General for the state. The State Command Sergeant Major is Command Sergeant Major Russell A. Vickery. 

Since 9-11, the South Carolina National Guard has deployed nearly 20,000 “Citizen-Soldiers” in support of Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Iraqi Freedom; Operation New Dawn, Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Inherent Resolve as well as other contingency training and overseas mobilizations in support of combatant commands. At given any time, South Carolina Air and Army National Guard are deployed around the world including Resolute Support in Afghanistan, Atlantic Resolve and Vigilant Shield in Europe and with our state partners in Colombia.


The mission of the South Carolina National Guard is to generate combat ready units to conduct state and federal operations. Conduct military operations in response to state emergencies. Provide staff operations in support of the Governor for contigency operations. 


The South Carolina National Guard envisions itself to be an extraordinary organization that is:

READY - always prepared and able to accept and execute missions;

RELEVANT - significant force structure to support today and tomorrow’s missions;

RESILIENT - adaptable forces and support systems for units, service members and families; and

RESPONSIBLE - accountable to our nation, community, service members and families.




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