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The South Carolina Military Department has been extremely visionary creating significant programs to support the well-being of the South Carolina National Guard community. Many Support programs are not federally funded and have been funded either in part or wholly by private donations. To continue these critical efforts, the South Carolina National Guard Foundation (SCNGF) helps by raising funds to support these programs for South Carolina National Guard Service Members, Veterans and their Families that would not be available otherwise. 


The South Carolina National Guard Foundation is focused on funding the following programs:


PDS provides a 3-day seminar format where Service Members find healing and a sense of resiliency as they work on war zone reactions and transitional issues in the presence of other Service Members who have traveled the same path.   They receive counseling and transitional support services to adjust to their “new normal” and reintegrate into their communities.  The environment offers Service Members and their Families a safe place to identify their specific support needs which may not be available in a traditional community based program.


Support for Deployment and Welcome Home ceremonies for Service Members and their Families. The South Carolina National Guard has deployed over 20,000 Soldiers and Airmen since terrorists attacked freedom on Sept. 11, 2001.  While America remains at war, it is critical to ensure our service members, who deploy, are reminded their sacrifice is appreciated and supported by the communities. These events provide families an opportunity to unite and know they are not alone.



South Carolina Military Families from all military services who have lost a loved one are invited to several events each year to celebrate their loved one’s life.  These Families speak a language of grief that many do not understand.  Bringing the Families together several times each year enables them to support each other in their healing process and a forum to share those important stories to honor their loved one.  They are reminded that their loved ones will never be forgotten.




The South Carolina National Guard Foundation (SCNGF) awards scholarships to deserving students who are members or dependents of members (currently serving or retired) of the South Carolina National Guard. The South Carolina National Guard Foundation has provided more than $1M in educational scholarships for our S.C. Guardsmen and their Family Members over the past years.  This year, we awarded more than $70,000 in Scholarship funds.



The South Carolina National Guard Foundation (SCNGF) is a 501 (c) 3 organization whose mission is to support, promote and defend the South Carolina National Guard and the ideals of service and sacrifice exemplified by its members and their families.

The SCNGF serves all members of the South Carolina Army and Air National Guard, Veterans and their Families. There are approximately 10,000 Service Members in the South Carolina National Guard. By providing the assistance they need, our South Carolina National Guard can remain focused on serving the citizens of our great state of South Carolina and around the world.

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