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Have You Met Our New President?

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

It is our pleasure to announce Major Michael Hitchcock has accepted the position of SCNGF President and will continue supporting our S.C. Guard members in the same capacity Mr. Thad L. Myers has done faithfully throughout his term as President. Mr. Hitchcock’s enthusiasm and leadership is certain to take the SCNGF to the next level.

As the SCNGF President, Brigadier General (retired) Thad L. Myers worked diligently to ensure the South Carolina National Guard Foundation lived up to its Mission and Vision. Through his leadership, the SCNGF increased in corporate, business and individual sponsors who believe our S.C. National Guard Members are the best. Their generous sponsorships, donations and gifts have given the SCNGF the opportunity to care for S.C. National Guard Members and their families, on a personal level, with the support they need while deployed, at home serving and retired.

About Our New President.

Michael Hitchcock joined the South Carolina Retirement System Investment Commission in 2014 and serves as the Chief Executive Officer. The RSIC manages and invests the assets for the South Carolina Retirement System, a $36.5 billion defined benefit pension plan serving approximately 600,000 participants.

Prior to joining RSIC, Mr. Hitchcock served as Chief Counsel and Assistant Clerk of the South Carolina Senate. In this role, he served as Deputy Administrator of the agency and directed the Office of Senate Research which provides legislative drafting, research, and legal services to all forty-six members of the State Senate.

Mr. Hitchcock earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of South Carolina and his Juris Doctor from the University of South Carolina, School of Law. He has served in the South Carolina National Guard since 2000, earning the rank of Major in the Judge Advocate General Corps.

Take the opportunity to meet Mr. Hitchcock at our upcoming Celebration of Freedom in April 2022. Look for more information to come soon.


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