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Gold Star Mothers & Families Day 2020

With the financial support and backing through the South Carolina National Guard Foundation, the South Carolina Survivor Outreach Services Program, embedded in the South Carolina National Guard, celebrated the 2020 Gold Star Mothers and Families Day in a Virtual Format. Due to COVID restrictions, the regular set up of an in-person event was not feasible.

By September 27, 2020, Goldstar Families throughout the State, received a luminary bag, instructions as well as a specific South Carolina Survivor Sticker, to light the luminary bags from 6 pm to 9 pm at a place of their choosing. Leading up to the event were weeklong Social Media Postings by leadership, SOS team, Chaplains and especially, Gold Star Families.

Throughout the actual event, the SOS team received photos and comments from the Gold Star Families that were posted to the Survivor Outreach Services Social Media accounts.

While the event was very different than the usual set-up, Survivors were thankful for the event and the opportunity to share their memories with the community.

“Dear Julia, Thank you so much for the meaningful work your team put into the package we all received to celebrate our children on Gold Star Mothers and Families Day. It is a privilege to know you."


Debby Whitsitt, President SCAGSM”


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