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US Army Warrant Officer Specialty License Plate Approved By SC DOT.

Sample image of the approved S.C. state tag for US Army Warrant Officers who served in the SC Army National Guard.
The SC State Tag Example

Through sponsorship of the South Carolina National Guard Foundation, the SC DMV has approved the production of a US Army Warrant Officer Specialty license plate, available to all South Carolina Residents who hold or have held the rank of Warrant Officer.

We are now conducting a fundraising drive to collect donations for family and veteran support programs, scholarship programs, and to offset the cost of production. Revenue from the plates will also be used to support SCNGF programs. Visit the fundraiser page!

To encourage maximum contributions, the top 50 eligible donors will receive a by-name reservation of the first numbers in the production sequence (e.g. #5, #10, #25, etc.). SC DMV estimates the plate to be available in the Fall.

Thanks in advance for your contribution to a cause that means so much to the soldiers and families of the SC Army National Guard!

Top donor(s) recognition will be made on/about July 31st 2024. Donations must be made before May 1st to qualify for by-name registrations.

More information will be available via SC DMV once plates are available. Registration fees apply. Applicants may request specialty plate registration for all vehicles.

Note: Larry Fuller and volunteers of the SC National Guard Foundation are not sponsored or endorsed by the US Army or the South Carolina Army National Guard.


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