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$76,000 Awarded In Scholarships To 74 Recipients for 2022-2023 Academic Year.

Congratulations to all the SCNGF Foundation Scholarship recipients! Saturday, June 11, the recipients received their scholarship check and certificate at the SCNGF Scholarship Luncheon, held at the The Capital City Club. This year, 74 recipients received a total of $76,000. We celebrated their achievements and look forward to hearing about their future accomplishments!

Stay tuned — we will be posting the photos of the luncheon and the recipients later today!

Our deepest appreciation goes out to all our scholarship sponsors — this could not happen without your generosity. All the funds raised by the SCNGF go to the benefit of SC Guard members and their families through support programs and the annual scholarship program. A special thank you to the SC Military Family Care Association, Inc., for sponsoring 25 scholarships awarded this year.


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